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How it works?

 With the use of advanced technology, we use a machine that disperses Cryonite in order to freeze and kill bed bugs. Cryonite is carbon dioxide snow. It’s the same substance as dry ice, sitting at a very cold temperature of about -108 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cryonite effect is rapid freezing of the bed bugs by using a specific mix of particle sizes and speeds in order to create a quick energy transfer. This is what causes the freezing. This is also why the “snow” is different from that of what you’d find in a fire extinguisher.

A fire extinguisher would not kills bugs just as Cryonite machine would not put out a fire. The speed of the snow helps penetrate tiny cracks and crevices as well as getting them through long pipes maximizing the freezing effect through the infected area. The other reason speed and high energy is important is so that the freezing snow has a hard impact on the bugs, guaranteeing contact. Once contact is made, the Cryonite does its job by killing the bug.
Freezing is the best method for bugs that are immune to pesticides and Cryonite is both environmentally friendly and hygienic. Cryonite is poison free, meaning you can use it on any surface. It’s dry, so it can be used even in areas where moisture isn’t wanted, like electrical sockets and switchboxes, and it is residue free, allowing for use in sensitive environments.